Mistakes - The World Is Not Enough

When Bond and Renard battle in the Kazakhstan nuclear decommissioning centre, Bond shoots Renard in the left arm with his sub-machine gun. Later on in that scene Renard is uninjured.

During the opening boat chase, the route actually taken through London's Isle of Dogs does not match the route displayed on Bond's on-board computer map.

Bond's stuntman's face clearly seen while tumbling down the stairs at the caviar factory.

When Bond destroys the helicopter at the Caviar factory, the blades that were suspended from the helicopter seconds before are no longer there.

In the Caucuses, the helicopter carrying Elektra and Bond supposedly cannot land because of severe wind. When they jump from the chopper on their skis, the only wind action seen is that caused by the helicopter's own rotor, and the pilot manages to keep the helicopter still while hovering.

After M asks Elektra, "What's the time?", Elektra's bodyguard Gabor is present at M's cell in Maiden's Tower. However, shortly after this Gabor is seen all the way across the harbor in Istanbul city where he and Elektra's henchmen take Bond and Christmas Jones captive.

In the casino scene, Bond remarks "Nothing comes free from you, Zukovsky." However, Bond's lips do not mouth the word "Zukovsky," but the word "Valentin".

At the SIS (MI6) headquarters during the opening boat sequence, Bond looks through a hole where the building has been destroyed after the money bullion explosion. However, when Bond launches the jet boat (from the same floor), the hole is strangely not visible.

When the Cigar Girl destroys the hot air balloon, we see Bond falling onto and rolling down the Dome. When he grabs the wire and stops, his hair is nicely combed down.

When Cigar Girl's Sunseeker boat hits the shore below the Millennium Dome, it is seen to be low tide. The boat beaches quite a way short of the river wall. Seconds later when Bond's boat jumps over the Sunseeker, it has become high tide (the boat has been repositioned) and the Sunseeker's bow is now touching the river wall.

The Russian Atomic Energy Commission plane has a French registration number.

A price tag is clearly visible inside a supposedly old and rusty lamp hanging above the table in the room where M is held prisoner.

A remote head camera crane is visible during the opening boat chase (as the lead speedboat destroys the pier on left-hand bank, the wide shot reveals crane in the top left corner).

The sash on M's outfit after she is kidnapped (and locked in Maiden's Tower) disappears and reappears in the same sequence.

At the caviar factory, just as a helicopter cuts through several pipes, Bond is seen moving to and leaning against a vertical pipe. As he contacts one of the pipes it visibly wobbles.

When 007 walks down a street in Bilbao the public (some flashing cameras) being held back by a steel fence so that they don't walk into the scene.

Electra King claims to be of Azeri descent on her maternal side. Thus she thinks she is saving her cultural heritage by rerouting the pipeline around the church. But the churchman she speeks with is a Russian orthodox minister... far removed from Azeri culture.

Dr. Molly Warmflash explains that the bullet traveling through Renard's brain is in the medulla oblongata, thus killing his senses. This area of the brain controls basic functions such as breathing and heart rate, not the sensory perceptions.

The protesters at the church are waving Hungarian flags, not Azerbaijani ones.

When Elektra is talking to M via the webcam, she is wearing a white top on screen as M can see her, yet when the camera shows Elektra closing her laptop, she is wearing a purple top and silk gown.

When Renard retracts the shield of the nuclear reactor in the submarine we see the reactor control rods are all fixed to the shield. This is an unlikely design as control rods are required by all nuclear reactors to manage and limit the reaction rate within the reactor. Most reactors require a minimum number of rods inserted to prevent runaway meltdown (the Chernobyl meltdown was caused when too many rods were removed from the reactor during an experiment).

In the King pipeline, both drones have onboard controls and speedometers, why have this if they are remote-control drones only used to test the integrity of the pipe?

When Bond and Electra are trapped inside the inflatable shield, it is dark. Bond turns on the lights on his wristwatch, and the entire place lights up. Bond moves around around a lot, but the lighting does not change at all, revealing that the lighting is coming from a different source.

In the underground base, when Bond is rushing to get to the door, it is almost completely shut. In the next shot, when Bond is diving through the door, it is only about half shut, giving him enough time to jump through it before it closes.

When Bond is traveling down the pipeline there are lights (or holes) on the inside of the pipe. Why would there need to be lights in an oil pipline?

In the opening scene in Bilbao, Spain, after the shots, police sirens are heard, and several cars of the Spanish national police are seen through the window, at several different times. When the police enter the office, however, the uniform worn by the agents is not the one from the Spanish national police, but from the Basque police force, which would not have jurisdiction over this type of event.

The "Russian Atomic Energy Agency" is not accurately translated; the real name of this agency is Minatom.

Plutonium is very dense (19.8 grams per cubic centimeter) and yet the plutonium as handled by Renard and Elektra seems to weigh far, far less than this would in reality.

As Bond jumps through the door in the underground shootout, we see a brief shot of him bounding headfirst through a door, with his gun outstretched. Closer inspection reveals that the gun was discharging during this jump, but no sound is heard.

Renard talks about Hindu pilgrims holding scalding rocks to "test their devotion to God." Hindus have never had any such tradition.