Mission 1
Paris Prelude

Format: Driving/Rail Shooter
Location: Paris, France


Thieves who took a warhead belonging to the Phoenix International Corporation are chasing Dominique Paradis, our agent in Paris. Take a helicopter to Paris and join the action; your Aston Martin is already there.


1) Protect Dominique
2) Stop the truck from reaching the Eiffel Tower

Bond moves

1) At the start shoot out the tyres of one the two cars, causing them to crash
2) Shoot out the tyres of the third car
3) Shoot out the tyres of the fourth car
4) Shoot out the tyres of the fith car on the long avenue
5) As soon as you enter the Vanquish, use the smokescreen on the 2 cars behind
6) Use the Q Wedge to get through the 2 car road block near the end of the mall
7) Use the Q Boost to get across the broken bridge

007 Icons

1) Near the end of the first straight in the Vanquish
2) Above the truck that reverses to block your path
3) Over the big jump at the fountain
4) To the left after getting across the broken bridge

Mission Rewards

Bronze Medal
Dominique Card

Silver Medal
Jaws Multiplayer Skin

Gold Medal
Vanquish Missile Upgrade - 4 simultaneous missiles

Platinum Medal
Renard Multiplayer Skin