(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: ATAC
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: British Navy
Status: Destroyed

Standing for Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator, used by the British Navy to program nuclear submarines, with target co-ordinates, firing data and launch codes. The ATAC was operated from within the fishing trawler St. Georges.


This device was the forbidden fruit of a KGB plot, after the St. Georges was sunk by a mine, James Bond was sent to salvage the ATAC. The KGB was also after the device and stole it off Bond after he salvaged it. Later Bond got the ATAC back into safe hands before General Gogol and the KGB told him to hand it over, he instead opted to throw it off a cliff destroying it before it fell into the wrong hands.


A typewriter sized with a number of keys and a LCD panel. This device transmitted via Ultra Low Frequency radio, signals to submarines under the surface.