HMS Devonshire
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Vehicle: HMS Devonshire
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: British Royal Navy
Status: Destroyed

The Devonshire was a British naval frigate caught in Chinese territorial waters, and threatened by two Chinese MIG 29 fighters. However the Devonshire was in fact involved in one of Carver's stealthy sabotage's.


The Devonshire found itself being swarmed by two Chinese MIG 29's threatening to attack the Devonshire being in Chinese territorial waters. However on the Devonshire's radar it read they were in international waters, this was done by Carver's techno genius Gupta using a navigational device to set the Devonshire off course. The Stealth ship then launched the sea drill into the Devonshire, cutting through it's hull and consequently sank it. Carver's divers then stole a cruise missile from the Devonshire's weapons hold. The rest of the remaining crew were machine gunned down by Stamper the "survivors" making a story in Carver's next edition of the newspaper.


A British naval frigate, equipped with the following features:

  • GPS and radar navigational equipment
  • Amour plating
  • 100mm deck gun and canon
  • 2 Cruise missiles