Lektor Decoder
(From Russia With Love)

Gadget: Lektor Decoder
Movie: From Russia With Love
Owner: Soviets
Status: Obsolete

The Lektor decoder was a highly sort after decoding machine, used by Soviet Intelligence to de-compile coded and highly sensitive documents. The machine was so valuable to MI6 that they tried to get their hands on it.


The Lektor was in fact part of a trap in which a cipher clerk, Tatiana, and Bond would steal the decoder. After it was stolen, SPECTRE came after them in an assassination attempt to get the Lektor and sell it back to the Soviets.


The Lektor was the same size as a typewriter; the unit was in a brown leather case. Inside it contained small buttons, a coded data strip was inserted into a slot, and out of another slot came the decoded message on a strip of paper.