Scaramanga's Junk
(The Man With The Golden Gun)

Vehicle: Scaramanga's Junk
Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Owner: Francisco Scaramanga
Status: Seized

Scaramanga's private junk, it was in the traditional Chinese design which is often seen in the waters of Hong Kong harbour.


Scaramanga's Junk was his main method of transport, and where he spend several nights with his mistress Andrea Anders. Near the end of the mission, Bond and Mary Goodnight, used the Junk to flee from Scaramanga's burning island. On the Junk Bond was ambushed by Nick-Nack, who proved to be a frustrating enemy, throwing bottles and pieces of timber at Bond, Nick-Nack was eventually packed into a suitcase and suspended on the mast of the Junk.


A classic Hong Kong junk, fully decked out with a bedroom, bathroom, a fully stocked bar, and many other luxuries. It could be powered by wind or by it's engine.