(You Only Live Twice)

Vehicle: SPECTRE Bird 1
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Status: Destroyed

Bird 1 was SPECTRE state of the art rocket which could be launched and reused. It was able to capture cargo in space and return with it. The rocket stood at 66 feet and was launched and landed at a hidden base inside a volcano.


The Bird 1 was used by Blofeld to launch into space and first capture a US space capsule. The Americans blamed the Russians for hijacking the capsule and took it as an act of war. Next when a Russian space capsule was hijacked, the Americans were blamed. The Russians were warned if another capsule went missing the Americans would instigate an all out nuclear attack. With seconds to spare, Blofeld's army had been defeated and Bond hit Bird 1's remote self-destruct button, preventing World War III.


The Bird 1 was a large reusable rocket which took off like a conventional space rocket, and landed on four retractable pedestals. It had a cargo bay which open by splitting into four parts and covering another space capsule closing it's bay doors and trapping the capsule.