Tiger Helicopter

Vehicle: Tiger Helicopter
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: NATO
Status: Destroyed

The Tiger helicopter was a state of the art fighter chopper intended for purchase by NATO in the year 2003. The chopper was hardened against all forms of electronic interference, this meant the chopper was immune to radar jamming and electromagnetic radiation, perfect if you wanted to steal GoldenEye.


While the Tiger was being demonstrated on board the French Warship La Fayette, Xenia Onatopp and her assailant shot the pilots and stole their uniforms. Xenia stole the tiger and picked up General Ourumov and flew to Severnaya, who used his ID to get the GoldenEye keys and access codes while Xenia shot up the employee's. The GoldenEye was detonated over the Severnaya facility while Xenia and Ourumov fled in the Tiger, which of course was immune to the effects of GoldenEye. Later it was Bond who was the intended victim of the Tiger, after being captured and tranquilized by Trevelyan, Bond was tied down in the Tiger's cockpit with Natalya Simonova. All very well except the fact than Trevelyan had set two ATA missiles to launch on timer, the missiles fired and redirected to target on the Tiger, Bond had to think quick. After squirming around in his seat for a few seconds Bond noticed an eject button, thumped it with his head and the whole cockpit capsule launched into the air and came down with parachutes.


The Tiger was armed with the following fire power:

  • Four air-to-air (ATA) missiles
  • Eight anti-tank missiles
  • Forward firing gatling guns
  • Radar stealth fuselage
  • Radar jamming immunity
  • Electromagnetic radiation immunity