Milton Krest
(Anthony Zerbe)

Character: Milton Krest
Actor: Anthony Zerbe
Movie: Licence To Kill
Age: 45
Appearence: Light hair and tanned complexion giving the impression of a man who works in the sun. Moves with tense and irritable gestures with eyes that shine cruelty and deceit.
Status: Terminated


The tawdry owner of the Wave Krest marine research company, Milton Krest is part of the front to Sanchez's drug business. He is a vindictive sadist who constantly carries the air of fear and suspicion.


Krest is Bond's first target in his revenge scheme against Sanchez and crew. Krest is a drug-runner for Sanchez with a marine genetic-engineering firm serving as his front. Bond steals $5 million of Sanchez's drug stash and hides it on Krest's boat, the Wavekrest, to trick Sanchez into believing Krest is a traitor and Krest pays with his life as he explodes in a decompression chamber.