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Bond's Brothers In Arms

Benjamin Welton inspects the mid-century counterparts to Fleming's 007: popular fictional detectives of 1953-1964

SPECTRE Speculative (3)

Edward Biddulph reflects on Bond's return to Austria, his penchant for the slopes and Fleming's time in Kitzbühel
SPECTRE Speculative (3) - James Bond News at
The Job We Were Chosen For - James Bond News at

The Job We Were Chosen For

Guest writer Nicolás Suszczyk explores the relationship between 006 and 007 in 'GoldenEye'

Kingsman Review

Ben Williams attended the premiere of Matthew Vaughn's spy adventure, 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'
Kingsman Review - James Bond News at
Obertilliach Action (2) - James Bond News at

Obertilliach Action (2)

Shooting the SPECTRE action scene in Obertilliach continued on Friday with Daniel Craig on location

Talking Pictures Interview

Series Producer Simon Goretzki tells MI6 what is in store for Bond fans in this weekend's Sean Connery episode of 'Talking Pictures'
Talking Pictures Interview - James Bond News at
Obertilliach Action - James Bond News at

Obertilliach Action

After months of prep-work in the small alpine town, 007 and his 300-strong production crew invaded to shoot a carefully coordinated action sequence

SPECTRE Speculative (2)

Adam Bollard reflects on the first scene shot at Pinewood on 8th December and what it might have in store for 007 in SPECTRE
SPECTRE Speculative (2) - James Bond News at

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MI6 Confidential - James Bond Magazine - Bond girls special

Literary - 25-01-15
New Bond novel manuscript complete and cover designed says Anthony Horowitz... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 24-01-15
German actor Detlef Bothe cast in SPECTRE, shoots scenes in Austria... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 23-01-15
'SPECTRE' production returns to the UK, work continues on Austrian scenes... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 22-01-15
Adele rumoured to be in Los Angeles for SPECTRE title song... Full Story

Literary - 21-01-15
Unauthorized collection of James Bond stories to publish in Canada... Full Story

Bond News - 20-01-15
MGM and Universal quietly drop James Bond copyright case... Full Story

Bond News - 19-01-15
007 continuity girl June Randall has died... Full Story

Bond News - 18-01-15
'Skyfall' actor Khan Bonfils has died... Full Story

Media Alert - 17-01-15
UK TV - 'Live And Let Die' on ITV1, Sunday afternoon... Full Story

Event - 16-01-15
'Goldfinger' to screen at Berlin Film Festival next month... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 15-01-15
Ben Whishaw spotted on location in Austria for SPECTRE... Full Story

Bond News - 13-01-15
Watch a clip from the upcoming spy-fi adventure, 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'... Full Story

Event - 12-01-15
Four Bond girls attend London Film Convention next Saturday... Full Story

Media Alert - 11-01-15
UK TV - Sean Connery to feature on 'Talking Pictures' this Saturday... Full Story

Actor News - 10-01-15
Dame Judi Dench honoured in this year's Churchill Awards... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 09-01-15
Andrew Scott comments on his costumes for SPECTRE... Full Story

Media Alert - 08-01-15
Germany TV - 'Quantum of Solace' on ZDF Tuesday night... Full Story

Media Alert - 07-01-15
Listen online to Sir Roger Moore on BBC Radio 2's 'Paper Cuts'... Full Story

Media Alert - 06-01-15
UK TV - 'Skyfall' on ITV again this Saturday... Full Story

Media Alert - 05-01-15
UK TV - 'Diamonds Are Forever' on ITV1, Sunday afternoon... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 04-01-15
Christoph Waltz talks more of his involvement in 'SPECTRE'... Full Story

Event - 04-01-15
David Arnold in concert in Dublin, Ireland, this month... Full Story

Media Alert - 03-01-15
Sir Roger Moore on 'Paper Cuts', BBC Radio 2 this Wednesday... Full Story

Spectre (2015) - 03-01-15
'SPECTRE' production moves to Austria next week... Full Story

Bond Style - 02-01-15
Tom Ford continues partnership with 007... Full Story

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