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Danish Reprints (1) - James Bond News at

Danish Reprints (1)

Ian Fleming's James Bond adventures will be released in Denmark by a single publisher for the first time
PropStore 007 Auction - James Bond News at

PropStore 007 Auction

A wide array of props from the 007 film franchise will be on display at Vue Cinemas and then auctioned by PropStore next month
Goldfinger Auction Report - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Auction Report

The golden DB5 auctioned today by Christie's and EON Productions fetched £55,000 for charity
007 Trading Card Reprints - James Bond News at

007 Trading Card Reprints

MI6 has secured a limited number of these little-seen trading card reprints which were recalled in 1964 for their 'questionable' content
Goldfinger Lobby Cards - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Lobby Cards

Take a look back at the US front of house marketing campaign for 'Goldfinger'
Christie's Goldfinger Auction - James Bond News at

Christie's Goldfinger Auction

EON Productions and Christie's have partnered to sell rare and collectable memorabilia celebrating Goldfinger's 50th anniversary
MI6 Confidential - Issue #26 - James Bond News at

MI6 Confidential - Issue #26

Issue #26 of the James Bond 007 magazine MI6 Confidential is out now with an 'Unseen' special featuring artwork, script treatments and scenes
Book Preview: Shooting 007 - James Bond News at

Book Preview: Shooting 007

Alec Mills, a veteran of seven Bond films, reveals behind-the-scenes stories in his new autobiography 'Shooting 007'
Aston Martin DB5 Hot Wheels - James Bond News at

Aston Martin DB5 Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is to release a 'super deluxe' Aston Martin DB5 model to celebrate the Goldfinger 50th Anniversary
Goldfinger Steelbook - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Steelbook

20th Century Fox will release a special Steelbook edition of 'Goldfinger' to celebrate the 50th anniversary
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