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Isabel Edvardsson

Swedish professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson is the latest Scandinavian blonde bombshell to be linked to a Bond 24 role

Robert Davi Interview (1)

MI6 contributor Stuart Kortekaas caught up with 'Licence To Kill' star Robert Davi's after his latest concert
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TV Spots

'This summer, try skin diving. Try sky diving. Try water skiing. Try keeping up with Bond' in the TV spot campaign for 'Licence To Kill'

Shoot To Kill Final Art

MI6 Exclusive: The upcoming Young Bond adventure 'Shoot To Kill' has an updated cover to address an anachronism in the artwork
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Bentornato Mr. Bond - James Bond News at

Bentornato Mr. Bond

007 may be heading back to Italy for a car chase on the streets of Rome for Bond 24

Les Ambassadeurs Club

James Bond's Casinos: Le Cercle at Les Ambassadeurs Club in central London features in 007's debut outing 'Dr. No'
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Cinemax Beyond The Screen - James Bond News at

Cinemax Beyond The Screen

Cinemax went behind the scenes of 'Licence To Kill' to preview the new 007 adventure for their viewers in 1989

BondStars Event Report

Matthew Field reports from the annual BondStars summer event at Pinewood Studios, this year celebrating 'The Living Daylights'
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Kenworth And 007

Marketer Ed Wallace recalls the promotional partnership between 'Licence To Kill' and Kenworth trucks

Book Preview: Shooting 007

Alec Mills, a veteran of seven Bond films, reveals behind-the-scenes stories in his new autobiography 'Shooting 007'
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