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The Man with the Golden Typewriter - Book Preview - James Bond News at

The Man with the Golden Typewriter - Book Preview

A new book chronicling the personal letters of James Bond creator Ian Fleming is to be published later this year
Some Kind Of Hero - James Bond News at

Some Kind Of Hero

MI6 previews 'Some Kind Of Hero', a new hardback chronicling Bond's 50 years on screen through over 100 new interviews
Shoot To Kill E-Book - James Bond News at

Shoot To Kill E-Book

Cover art has been revealed for the North American digital release of Steve Cole's 'Shoot To Kill'
Anthony Sinclair - Ready To Wear - James Bond News at

Anthony Sinclair - Ready To Wear

The famous Conduit Cut worn by Sean Connery in his earliest adventures as Bond is now available to order online
The World According To Blofeld's Cat - James Bond News at

The World According To Blofeld's Cat

The History Press are releasing a humour book written from the perspective of the arch villain's furry accomplice
The Bond Brand (2) - James Bond News at

The Bond Brand (2)

Guest writer Julian Parrott inspects the promotional partnerships 007 has formed over the last 50 years and reflects on the brand of Bond himself
Slazenger Goldfinger Sweater - James Bond News at

Slazenger Goldfinger Sweater

Anthony Sinclair's Bond-themed jersey, first worn by 007 in his golf game with Goldfinger, is now available in eight colors
MI6 Confidential - Issue #30 - James Bond News at

MI6 Confidential - Issue #30

Issue #30 of the James Bond magazine MI6 Confidential celebrates the trilogy of Lewis Gilbert's 007 adventures
50th Anniversary Corgi - James Bond News at

50th Anniversary Corgi

Hornby have announced the recreation of the ever-popular DB5 in its original packaging to celebrate 50 years of the iconic toy
German John Gardner Covers (2) - James Bond News at

German John Gardner Covers (2)

Two new covers designed by Michael Gillette for John Gardner's 007 continuation novels have been revealed
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