Voicing From Russia With Love VG

MI6 caught up with Karly Rothenberg, who voiced Rosa Klebb and Miss Moneypenny in the videogame adaptation of "From Russia With Love"

Win Sony PSP "From Russia With Love"

Copies of the Sony PSP version of the latest James Bond game "From Russia With Love" are up for grabs to lucky MI6 readers

Win Sony PSP "From Russia With Love"

Copies of the Sony PSP version of the latest James Bond game "From Russia With Love" are up for grabs to lucky MI6 readers

FRWL PSP Delayed

"From Russia With Love" for the Sony PSP has been delayed until 4th April in the USA and 14th April in the UK and Europe

PSP Character Screenshots

Take a look at the multiplayer characters in action in the forthcoming Sony PSP edition of "From Russia With Love" (VG)

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