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Pierce Brosnan Is James Bond - James Bond News at

Pierce Brosnan Is James Bond

Twenty years ago this week, Pierce Brosnan was unveiled to the world as the fifth 007
Title Sequences: GoldenEye - James Bond News at

Title Sequences: GoldenEye

MI6 examines the anatomy, style and contents of the 'GoldenEye' title and credit sequence
007 Chronicles (16-01-95) - James Bond News at

007 Chronicles (16-01-95)

On this day in 1995, EON Productions announced the first day of filming in the Pierce Brosnan era
Doubling Bond - James Bond News at

Doubling Bond

Jamie Edgell shares his memories from the set of 'GoldenEye' where, as fresh-faced stunt man, he stood in for Pierce Brosnan
Brutal Bond - Dropping Trevelyan - James Bond News at

Brutal Bond - Dropping Trevelyan

MI6 looks at the moments in the series when James Bond is at his most hardcore
Flame On - James Bond News at

Flame On

MI6 Confidential lifts the lid on the story of Pierce Brosnan's unveiling as James Bond as told by renowned unit photographer Keith Hamshere
Shelved GoldenEye Stunt - James Bond News at

Shelved GoldenEye Stunt

An action sequence abandoned from "GoldenEye" before production began is finally being realised in the new film "Skyfall"
Renny Harlin Turned Down Bond - James Bond News at

Renny Harlin Turned Down Bond

Finnish director Renny Harlin reveals the reasons he turned down directing the 17th James Bond film
Miss Moneypenny - James Bond News at

Miss Moneypenny

MI6 profiles Samantha Bond, the third actress to play the role of MI6 secretary Miss Moneypenny
Aston Martin DB5 - James Bond News at

Aston Martin DB5

Visit Q-Branch for a briefing on the most famous car in the world and its involvement in James Bond's missions
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