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Fontainebleau Miami Beach - James Bond News at

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

James Bond is checked into the Fontainebleau Hotel when 'M' tasks his top 00-agent to keep tabs on the villainous Goldfinger
Sex and Bizarre Situations - James Bond News at

Sex and Bizarre Situations

Internal FBI documents have revealed that J. Edgar Hoover was worried about the character of James Bond and even investigated 'Goldfinger'
Aston Martin DB5 Hot Wheels - James Bond News at

Aston Martin DB5 Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is to release a 'super deluxe' Aston Martin DB5 model to celebrate the Goldfinger 50th Anniversary
Goldfinger Steelbook - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Steelbook

20th Century Fox will release a special Steelbook edition of 'Goldfinger' to celebrate the 50th anniversary
Vintage Goldfinger Music Video - James Bond News at

Vintage Goldfinger Music Video

Rediscover a rare promotional video for Goldfinger featuring a performance by Shirley Bassey on a construction site
Joan Collins Turned Down Goldfinger - James Bond News at

Joan Collins Turned Down Goldfinger

English actress Joan Collins has revealed that she turned down the iconic golden girl role
Goldfinger Preview Report - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Preview Report

American audiences got a behind the scenes look at 'Goldfinger' whilst filming was taking place in 1964
A Beautiful Friendship - James Bond News at

A Beautiful Friendship

Guest writer Neil McNally celebrates 007's bond with Aston Martin, from the Fleming novels through to the DB5 cameo in 'Skyfall'
Jill Masterson - James Bond News at

Jill Masterson

MI6 takes an indepth look at Shirley Eaton's character Jill Masterson from the 1964 film "Goldfinger"
Fan Verdict - James Bond News at

Fan Verdict

Each month, a different James Bond film is selected for review, rating and discussion by the largest online community of 007 fans
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