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Brutal Bond - Bathtub Electrocution - James Bond News at

Brutal Bond - Bathtub Electrocution

MI6 looks at the moments in the series when James Bond is at his most hardcore
Goldfinger Auction Report - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Auction Report

The golden DB5 auctioned today by Christie's and EON Productions fetched £55,000 for charity
Goldfinger Premiere - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Premiere

50 years ago today, 'Goldfinger' premiered at the Odeon in Leicester Square, London, to hysterical crowds
Cheap And Tawdry - James Bond News at

Cheap And Tawdry

At the height of Bond mania, Sean Connery slammed the merchanising as 'cheap and tawdry' and criticized Goldfinger as 'too gimmicky'
Bond Science: Goldfinger's Plan - James Bond News at

Bond Science: Goldfinger's Plan

Goldfinger's plot to irradiate the US gold reserve seemed ingenious, but would it really have worked?
Bottoms Up: Mint Julep - James Bond News at

Bottoms Up: Mint Julep

Auric Goldfinger selected the perfect cocktail to share with James Bond at his Kentucky stud farm
Page To Screen: Meeting Jill - James Bond News at

Page To Screen: Meeting Jill

How does James Bond's on-screen meeting with Jill Masterson compare to Ian Fleming's original novel?
Goldfinger Lobby Cards - James Bond News at

Goldfinger Lobby Cards

Take a look back at the US front of house marketing campaign for 'Goldfinger'
Christie's Goldfinger Auction - James Bond News at

Christie's Goldfinger Auction

EON Productions and Christie's have partnered to sell rare and collectable memorabilia celebrating Goldfinger's 50th anniversary
Elle Evans Golden Girl - James Bond News at

Elle Evans Golden Girl

Model and actress Elle Evans was transformed for two iconic Bond girl poses to celebrate 'Goldfinger's 50th anniversary
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