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A new look for MI6

28-Jul-2016 • Site News

Time flies. Today we relaunched MI6-HQ.com in a new format to better serve modern audiences on mobiles and tablets. We went back to the very foundations of the site and started again, whilst keeping the tens of thousands of pages online and the MI6 ‘DNA’ alive. Content under the new system should now dynamically redesign itself to better suit whatever device you are viewing it on.

That means if you’re 15 years-old or younger, for your entire lifetime, MI6 has been running the same fundamental code base to keep the world’s most popular James Bond website up and running. For the technical members of our audience, we developed the custom MI6 content management and rendering system in 2001 based on core PHP and MySQL functionality. So ‘core’ in fact, that despite web technology constantly changing, nothing broke or was deprecated during all those years.

Our front page articles and news feed remains the focus of the operation and will continue to be the most updated 007 resource online. We’ve added the ability for third-party ’link outs’ from headlines to bring updates to you even faster. We also have a dedicated YouTube channel that will be curated with video content from the archives. Sharing on social media is now easier with integrated buttons on pages. As well as the front page articles and news stories, there is content on MI6 that goes all the way back to the beginning in 1998. A good chunk of that encyclopedic content as already been moved to the new system, but some of the more obscure pages may be in the old format for some time as we’re tackling sections in order of popularity.

As anyone who has moved house will know, packing and unpacking is the chore that nobody enjoys. We hope you agree it was worth it.

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