Privacy Policy

Statement Of Intent
Occasionally you will be asked to submit personal information regarding yourself (for example, but not limited to, name, E-mail address, etc.) to MI6 and or its associates in order to receive and or utilise services offered by the website and or other means. The services provided may include but are not limited to, chat, forums, competitions and alerts.

By entering such details you are enabling MI6 and or its associates to offer you services on your request. MI6 and or its associates aim to meet both legislation and Internet best practice ideals when offering you these services. Information submitted will be governed by this policy and others. MI6 and or its associates retain the right to alter, amend, revoke any policy making the effect 100% backwards reliable.

Information Gathered Seamlessly
During the course of your visit to MI6 and or its associates you may find cookies relating to your browsing of our site on your computer. These cookies allow for MI6 and or its associates to monitor the site in order to give users better services. MI6 and or its associates reserve the right to use cookies or other monitoring tools for statistical monitoring of the site. We do this in order to maximise your viewing pleasure.

Storage And Usage Of Personal And Other Information
Whenever you submit information to MI6 and or its associates we have an obligation to disclose how we intend to use it. We also have other responsibilities such as informing you if we intend to pass any information on to third parties. In the majority of cases your information will not be passed to anyone out side of the MI6 group, however we do retain the right to investigate publish details in order of benefit for the site and in order to prevent misleading or fraudulent information.

MI6 and or its associates will obey the law with regard to the passing of information to law enforcement and associated legal parties when required to do so by law. By sending information to MI6 and or its associates you are agreeing that MI6 and or its associates own the copyright to the information (unless a previous non copyright agreement has been made beforehand in writing), and that MI6 and or its associates have the right to publish or use that information in any way. MI6 and or its associates will hold information for a reasonable period of time, i.e. for as long as needed in order to provide services and or statistical information.

Access To Your Personal Information
In accordance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) you have the right to request a copy of any personal information that MI6 and or its associates retains about you. You have the right under the DPA to have corrected any inaccuracies held about you. In accordance with the DPA we will charge UK £10 for requests of personal information. To request information E-mail admin @

Persons Under 16
Should any provision in this or any other policy of MI6 and or its associates be found by any legal authority to be illegal, it shall be removed whilst other provisions still remaining force.

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