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London Filming Video

Check out the latest video production blog that explores the London filming locations for 'SPECTRE'

VARGR Issue 2 Covers

Dynamite have revealed the covers for the second issue of the upcoming James Bond comic book series 'VARGR'
VARGR Issue 2 Covers - James Bond News at
Oh, Miss Moneypenny! - James Bond News at

Oh, Miss Moneypenny!

Naomie Harris is the cover star of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK

Writing's On The Wall Music Video

The music video for Sam Smith's SPECTRE theme song, Writing's On The Wall, has been released online
Writing's On The Wall Music Video - James Bond News at
Final SPECTRE Trailer - James Bond News at

Final SPECTRE Trailer

EON Productions and Sony Pictures have released the final theatrical trailer in the run up to the release of 'SPECTRE' this month

MI6 Calendar - Miss October 2015

Miss October 2015 for the MI6 Calendar is Monica Bellucci
MI6 Calendar - Miss October 2015 - James Bond News at
Bond's Belvedere Now On Sale - James Bond News at

Bond's Belvedere Now On Sale

Bond's limited edition bottles have arrived early at 31Dover and MI6 readers get a discount when they shop online this week

Your Vote - Movie Rankings

The biggest James Bond fan survey is back! Select your most and least favourite 007 movies in the franchise so far
Your Vote - Movie Rankings - James Bond News at
Book Preview - Blood, Sweat and Bond - James Bond News at

Book Preview - Blood, Sweat and Bond

Take a first look at the traditional 'on set' book for the new James Bond film, SPECTRE

Writing's On The Wall

Listen to the new James Bond title song 'Writing's On The Wall' by Sam Smith
Writing's On The Wall - James Bond News at

Stay connected to for more James Bond 007 news and features.

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