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A tribute from MI6 to Peter Lamont

19-Dec-2020 • Bond News

2020 has been a terrible year for losses from the Bond family, and today was a particularly hard one for the MI6 team.

Peter Lamont had become a friend of the team over recent years as we worked together to tell his stories.

His 2016 memoir 'The Man With The Golden Eye' (now sadly out of print) was a breezy journey through his illustrious career that covered his 18 James Bond films, but the page count could never do justice for such a body of work. Not to mention his 3 blockbusters for James Cameron. 

This led to us working together on publications dedicated to just one film at a time. Peter's first pick in 2017 was 'Live And Let Die' as he retained a lot of the original pre-production materials and was particularly fond of the film through his location scouting work. It quickly sold out.

Next up in 2019, we tackled his Bond-swansong 'Casino Royale' as it was the one where he felt everything came together on-screen exactly as he planned. Peter's project was supported by Barbara, Michael, and Meg at EON Productions, without whom the publication would not have been as rich with imagery from his work. 

Always brimming with humourous and touching stories, Peter was also a walking encyclopedia on the making of the James Bond films, as anyone who attended one of the many Bond Stars events would attest. When working on projects with other Bond alumni, we would often run events past Peter to verify if someone's hazy account was accurate. He was always able to add further detail. 

Just a few months ago, Peter called and was unhappy about a self-published book about 'GoldenEye' that he found on Amazon as it was riddled with errors and false accounts of the production. "We need to fix it! Let's do GoldenEye next." 

Sadly, due to social-distancing restrictions in 2020, we were unable to make much headway on his next chosen project.

As well as being ridiculously talented, Peter was a kind, warm and gentle man who will be missed by everyone he worked with.

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