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Anatomy of a Bond 26 rumour

27-Sep-2023 • Bond 26

They say if you like sausages you should never learn how they are made, but given the number of Bond 26 sausages kicking around right now, it's as good a time as any to peek into the factory.

Christopher Nolan has been rumored by the press to have been in talks to helm Bond since 'Oppenheimer' opened in cinemas. This week the story took a twist in that he was being courted to direct not one, but two James Bond films with the new actor. Where did this story originate from? A good old-fashioned anonymous fan discussion forum, just like 20 years ago.

1) Yesterday morning, AJB forum user 'Gymkata' posted this:

OK, so I chatted with my guy on Bond 26. Again, this guy has been right about 90% of the time for me. Per his sources:
EON and Amazon are pushing for Nolan and he's onboard in principle. There are sticking points to be ironed out in terms of tone that might scuttle things though.
• EON wants a full reboot/restart in the modern era
• Nolan wants to make true adaptations of the Fleming novels in period settings
• Unclear on what Amazon wants (apart from money)
Assuming they get Nolan, the goal is to get him to do 2-3 films (2 for sure) and then have him executive produce going forward. No matter what, all parties know that this needs to be a very effective relaunch. From what my guy says, both EON and Amazon are putting 'all of their eggs in one basket' for Nolan due to the fact that he wants the job, he delivers critically and commercially successful films, and he's one of the few directors out there who can put butts in seats on his name alone.
Nolan is reportedly on board with Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Bond.

2) Last night, the 'World of Reel' blog posted a lead story about Nolan directing two Bond movies using details from the forum post as its source claiming they are 'ingrained in Bond intel' without knowing who is behind the moniker.

3) Today, Comingsoon.net runs a headline Nolan story based on the 'World of Reel' blog.

4) Minutes later a copycat article appears on Giant Freaking Robot 

Of the circle-jerk movie news websites, only JoBlo has reported that a reputable source told them this story is “1000% fantasy” and "not at all true."

The original post by 'Gymkata' has since been deleted by whoever is behind that fan forum account.

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