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Anthony Horowitz searching for a 'Bond Girl' replacement term

20-Oct-2018 • Literary

We should no longer call them 'Bond Girls' as people now find the term offensive, according to author Anthony Horowitz, who has penned the two most recent James Bond continuation novels.

He said the phrase "offends modern sensibilities'" adding: "I'm still struggling to find another word for 'Bond girls', I think you can't use it in the 21st century."

"Those two words are somehow offensive in a strange way. One of the hardest things to get right in a Bond novel is the love interest – the lady. Because, of course, you have to swerve a circle between 1950s attitudes and the 'Me Too' generation, where we are now. I don't want to put people's backs up."

Speaking at Cheltenham Literature Festival this month, he added: "'He is very highly sexually-driven but I don't see him as a rampant chauvinist. He is kind towards women."

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