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As US tickets go on sale, opening weekend projections look good

18-Sep-2021 • No Time To Die

Tickets went on sale today in the USA for 'No Time To Die', with special preview screenings starting at 7pm on Wednesday 6th October at select IMAX and Cinemark XD auditoriums. These locations charge significantly more than a regular cinema, so 'preview' per-seat averages will be higher than normal. Other screenings begin late on Thursday 7th October before the regular Friday-Sunday opening weekend kicks in.

Long-range tracking of the box-office in the USA pegs 'No Time To Die' with an opening weekend of between $55m (low) to $85m (high). 

A mid-range opening weekend of $70m would probably lead to a final US box-office total of around $185m if the film plays out like the average tent-pole movie during the pandemic so far. Heavier attendance at pricier venues like IMAX could skew those numbers higher.

The theatrical window is expected to be the shortest ever for a James Bond film at just 45 days before it is available as PVOD and then later on Paramount+, with the Bluray expected to be available on December 21st. 

MI6 projects a global haul of $530m (not including Australia) if cinema attendances continue their current trends.

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