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'Becoming Bond' on the big screen in Perth with George Lazenby Q+A

05-Jul-2017 • Event

Event: Becoming Bond Screening & George Lazenby Q+A

Thurs 6th, 7pm, Luna Leederville (Opening night, Includes George Lazenby Q+A)
Sat 8th, 8.45pm, Luna Leederville (Includes George Lazenby Q+A)
Fri 14th, 9pm, Luna SX
Mon 17th, 2.45pm, Luna Leederville

Becoming Bond tells the story of George Lazenby, the Australian James Bond.

From his early career as a mechanic to taking on one of the most iconographic roles in film – despite never acting before – Lazenby’s biography is a larger than life tale of chance, risk, and opportunity.

This almost-unbelievable biography – Lazenby only played Bond once, famously turning down the role after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – is brought to earth by director Greenbaum’s careful handling of the material.

On screen the charismatic Lazenby is the perfect storyteller and interviewee, meanwhile the dramatic recreations (with Josh Lawson playing Lazenby) add a depth to the material.

Becoming Bond is a film that appreciates and understands its subject and Lazenby’s wit and sense of the absurd are given space, but the film doesn’t gloss over his regrets either, all of which gives Becoming Bond a sense of genuine warmth.

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