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Billie Eilish addresses song announcement backlash

06-Jan-2021 • No Time To Die

Speaking recently about some of the backlash she received when being announced as the 'No Time To Die' title song performer before anyone had heard it, Billie shared her own thoughts on the drama:

“That was the rough period,” Eilish admitted to Variety. “That was the rough period.” She won’t hold it against anyone who balked at the news. “I wasn’t mad about it because I understand. Why wouldn’t people have wants for the song that’s the theme to their favorite franchise? That’s totally understandable. But my favorite thing is an open mind, especially when it was closed before."

"I love when people aren’t stuck to their pretenses, which I am totally guilty of all the time. I hear that something’s going to happen and I’m like, ‘That’s ridiculous. It should never be that way. It’s never going to be good.’ And it’s important to keep your mind open and just listen and be like, ‘You know what, actually? I was wrong. This is really good.'”

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