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Britt Ekland happy being a Bond girl at 80

08-Oct-2022 • Actor News

Britt Ekland is still enjoying her status as a 'Bond Girl' as she celebrates her 80th birthday this week.

The star of 'The Man With The Golden Gun' told the Daily Mirror: "People who meet me still call me a Bond Girl. And they find it so exciting – like I made the made the film yesterday. But 007 is almost as old as me now. "

"There is nothing that makes me prouder professionally than to know I am part of film history. There is no character that is so universally loved as James Bond was. Great looking, great gadgets, great clothes, great locations. Even the fighting was stylish! Bond is an icon that will never die and, as a Bond Girl, I'm part of that legacy. Now they are Bond women and we have to move with the times but I very much represented the Bond Girl of old and I'm very happy with that."

Recalling her time on the production, she had nothing but good things to say about 007-himself, Sir Roger Moore: "

Roger was funny, charming but very professional. There were no flirtations of any kind or inappropriate behaviour. Maud and I were half-dressed all the time, which was the Bond Girl uniform back then. But he made us feel comfortable, which was not easy. It's different now. Everyone is on Instagram or out at clubs wearing next to nothing but it wasn't what you did then. Sit at a table and eat dinner in a bikini! Doing things other people do fully dressed! Roger made it a lot easier. And he was so very funny, which also relaxed me. He used to call me Bert!"

She also revealed that producer Cubby Broccoli was not so keen on a skinny look.  "He thought I looked too thin, so he tried to fatten me up," she explained. "There was a great Italian restaurant in Hong Kong where we were filming, and we always went there for dinner after shooting. Cubby would insist I ate two plates of spaghetti every time we went there. And I would sit there mortified, thinking about how I had to be in a bikini the next day."

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