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Budget for 'No Time To Die' even higher than first reported

04-Dec-2020 • No Time To Die

Back in May, a financial filing by 'B25 Ltd' - the shell company wholly owned by Danjaq to produce 'No Time To Die' - revealed that the budget of the 25th James Bond film was a staggering £199.47m.

This amount relates to the 'negative cost' - the amount required to be spent to produce the final film. It does not include publicity and advertising budgets (P&A) which will be fronted by the studio MGM.

This week, a new financial report ("Accounts for a small company made up to 30 June 2020") lists the negative cost of 'No Time To Die' having grown to £213,916,164. Given that almost six more months have passed since the first half-year reporting, the cost of carrying the film on the books could have increased even further.

£213.9m currently converts to $287.3m - making it by far the most expensive James Bond film of all time. For comparison, 'SPECTRE' cost approximately £156m.

'No Time To Die' is, at the time of writing, scheduled for release in April 2021. Most industry watchers expect MGM to announce yet a further delay to November 2021.

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