Christoph Waltz will not be back as Blofeld, has regrets on SPECTRE

17-Jan-2018 • Bond 25

Christoph Waltz, who played Blofeld in the latest James Bond adventure 'SPECTRE,' has once again stated that he will not be returning to play the cat-stroking villain in the next outing, Bond 25 (he first stated this back in October 2017).

In an interview published today by The Times, Waltz said: "It was an incredible experience to be part of this postwar cultural phenomenon. Yet I can't say that I was happy at every step of the process. I feel that there are some loose ends with my engagement. And I'm not saying that I'm going to be in the next one. I'm not going to be in the next one."

"But let's say, in terms of my feeling that I have sufficiently served a purpose, there are a few white blotches on that map for me, personally. I don't want to be critical of something that doesn't deserve to be criticized, so that's why I'm being a little cryptic. There are just certain things I am unhappy with. I wish I would have gotten the opportunity to iron those glitches out."


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