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Craig and Fukunaga chat alternative 'No Time To Die' plots

28-Jan-2022 • No Time To Die

It may seem strange that Daniel Craig and Cary Fukunaga are still out there promoting 'No Time To Die' - but there are Blurays to sell and award nominations to land.

A short interview with the LA Times this week revealed a few of the plot points that the production was considering for the film.

Fukunaga: We had very different things — at one point, we had rocket ships. A Russian mission ...
Craig: Oh, Christ, that’s right; there were so many stories!
Fukunaga: The Pompeii Opera at one point —
Craig: Was it flooded?
Fukunaga: A whole flooded Russian Orthodox church they’d taken over.

The rocket ships and Russian plot were likely hold-overs from Danny Boyle's plans before he departed the production.

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