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Daniel Craig reveals his favourite cinema moments

15-May-2021 • Actor News

Daniel Craig has revealed his favourite cinema moments to Empire magazine:

Escape To Witch Mountain with my sister.

Crying my eyes out at The Incredible Journey.

Dancing in the aisle throwing popcorn in the air as Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta dazzle on screen.

Hiding under the seat in front of me as Roy Scheider fought that shark.

Not even daring to go into the cinema for Alien or Exorcist.

Clutching the armrest, transfixed in Blade Runner, the tension unbearable.

Rutger Hauer!

Cheering as Roger Moore danced over alligators.

Blushing at Betty Blue.

Getting dizzy at Avatar.

The Terminator.

That fucking big boat that sank.

The Mummy is one of my favourites.

Toy Story.


For Christ’s sake, Frozen.

Throw in GoodFellas.

All of Alan Parker.


Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot.


Mike Leigh/Haneke.

Every arthouse movie and every arthouse cinema.

The Avengers.

Black Panthers.

Ryan Reynolds in a tight red suit.

The Piano.

My God, Holly Hunter!!

And on and on and on.

It’s never-ending, and it never should.

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