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Denis Villeneuve throws his hat in the ring for Bond 26

08-Oct-2021 • Bond News

Director Denis Villeneuve, who was once in the frame as a potential to helm the 25th James Bond film before becoming tied up shooting 'Dune,' has said he would love to have a crack at 007 in the future.

He told the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast: "Franky — and I cannot believe I would say that — but the answer would be a massive yes. I would deeply love to one day make a James Bond movie."

"It’s a character that I’ve been with — like everybody — since my childhood. I have massive affection for Bond. It would be a big challenge for people to try and reboot it after what Daniel did. What Daniel Craig brought to Bond was so unique and strong and probably unmatchable. He’s the ultimate James Bond. I can’t wait to see Cary’s movie. I’m very excited. I’m one of the biggest Bond fans."

"It’s really a massive privilege. I don’t want to say I’m very arrogant or pretentious right now. It’s true that it would be a dream to do 007. I don’t know if such a thing would happen, but it would be a privilege. At the end of the day, that would be pure cinematic joy."

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