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Director Wes Anderson shares his take on a 007 adventure

29-Aug-2020 • Bond News

Cult favourite director Wes Anderson gave his pitch for an alternative take on James Bond in a recent interview with the New York Times.

“I’ve had this Bond movie, you know [...] I had this one I wanted to do called Mission Deferred and my idea is that this is James Bond [...] the Cold War is over and there’s no gig."

"And… I had this idea… he goes in to see M and M is on the phone, and he’s walking around M’s office, you know, and finally says [gestures that he'll come back when M is less busy]."

"And you know… the gadgetry is like he has a great coffee machine, and that maybe he gets into a bar fight or something because he has a license to kill but there’s [nothing to do]. And so, you know, I never got the call.”

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