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Director Zack Snyder on his future Bond ideas

22-Dec-2023 • Bond News

Director Zack Snyder, well known for his contentious output in the DC Universe, has given his take on the current studio situation with franchises to Atlantic magazine. His latest project for Netflix, Rebel Moon, has been met with terrible reviews.

One afternoon, [The Atlantic] joined Snyder in the office where he was editing Rebel Moon. In the center of the table where we sat were statuettes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Feeling, perhaps, the rush of his new project nearing completion, Snyder wondered whether the movie industry’s obsession with strip-mining old source material might be approaching an end. “I mean, like, how much IP is there?” he said.

Quickly, though, he thought of another enduring intellectual property he might like to tackle one day, and his eyes lit up: James Bond. “It’d be cool to see, like, 20-year-old James Bond,” he told me. “The humble roots that he comes from. Whatever trauma of youth that makes you be able to be James Bond,” he said. His voice rose with excitement: “There has to be something there.”

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