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EON Productions purchase helicopter for Bond 25 filming

10-Feb-2017 • No Time To Die

A flurry of tidbits have been circulating all week about a helicopter in Germany that EON Productions were reportedly purchasing for Bond 25. Confirmations from those selling the helicopter have now cemented part of the story, but what the helicopter will actually be used for remains uncertain.

The Bell UH-1D helicopter, or 'Huey', has been purchased from a museum in Wernigerode, Germany. 

The helicopter was introduced in 1959 worldwide including by the US Air Force in the Vietnam War.

Bond 25 helicopter

Museum director Clemens Aulich, 55, told CEN that the aircraft is functional but cannot fly on its own power. According to local reports in Germany, the chopper is set to be transferred to London Heathrow ahead of 'filming in a few weeks.' 

The museum posted this statement on their Facebook account: "James Bond fever has broken out in the Harz... We are happy to confirm that we support the current production of the new spy thriller with one of our helicopters. The Bell UH-1D, purchased by a production company, can not be viewed as it is dismantled for transport, but we have another helicopter of this type which can be viewed in our hangar 3! We will, of course, keep you updated on what will happen with our helicopter."

Bond 25 helicopter

A TV report by MDR confirms that the helicopter will not be returning to the museum after filming, but how EON Productions will use it is not known.

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