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'GoldenEye 64' speed running record finally beaten after 15 years

05-Dec-2017 • Gaming

It is a record that has stood since 2005: a speed run of just 53 seconds to complete the first mission 'Dam' on the 1997 James Bond game 'GoldenEye 64' on Agent difficulty in just 53 seconds.

The original record, achieved by Bryan Bosshardt on Sept. 27, 2002, was not expected to be beaten. There is even an entire video on YouTube asking the question if it could be done.

Karl Jobst made history on Saturday 2nd December 2017 when he clocked in the speed run at 52 seconds during a Twitch stream, but he didn't know he had even broken the record for a short while. You can see his reaction at 1:48.

Speedrunners often put the camera angle away from the buildings so that the Nintendo 64 does not have as many polygons to render and thereby eeking out a little more speed.

Jobst's time of 52 seconds has now been recognized as the record time for the 'Dam' speedrun on multiple gaming record sites.


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