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Ill-fated GoldenEye XBLA project leaks, with a caveat

28-Dec-2020 • Gaming

The ill-fated Microsoft project to remaster the N64 classic 007 GoldenEye for their Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) platform back in 2007 has come back from the dead, almost.

Although a dispute over rights issues blocked the HD version from being released in 2008, leaks from the game followed, including a 30-minute gameplay video.

In 2015, Rare then tried to bring the project back to life with their 30th-anniversary collection Rare Replay. That did not work out, either.

Then, on Christmas Eve, a 4chan thread popped up claiming to leak the project source files for GoldenEye XBLA. The attached screenshot seemed to verify the contents of the leak. 

Although the archive is available to download, it is protected by a 100-character password that is practically unbreakable. Perhaps one day in the future this password will be divulged and fans around the world can finally get to play the HD remaster of one of the greatest videogames of all time.

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