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Young Bond author Charlie Higson contemplating online comedy channel

27-Feb-2012 • Media Alert

Author of five Young Bond novels Charlie Higson has revealed that he is considering launching an online comedy channel to make a break from traditional television.

Higson is well known in the UK for being a comedy writer and performer as well as an author. He was one of the stars behind "The Fast Show" and helped lead the internet comeback last year. The concept of the online comedy channel is in the "early stages”.

He told the Independent it would not launch this year. “I haven’t taken it very far. But it is certainly something I’ve been interested in. Online TV is growing and will be the future. That’s why we decided to do The Fast Show online; to get in at the beginning of an exciting trend.”

The online Fast Show episodes, on a comedy channel set up by Fosters, have “gone really well. The response has been good,” Higson said. “At the moment we’re just enjoying the ride.”

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