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Tabloids claim Javier Bardem can't smoke on 'Skyfall' set

18-Mar-2012 • Skyfall

As widely reported by MI6 and major news organisations, filming of "Skyfall" is taking place at Hankley Common, Surrey, doubling for a real Scottish manor house location in Glencoe, Scotland.

The fake manor house has been constructed of plywood and plaster, and according to red top tabloid The Sun, actor Javier Bardem has been told not to flick ash from his cigarettes around the location due to the fire hazard and dry grass in the area, which could start a substantial blaze.

A 'source' told the paper: "Javier loves his cigarettes and is always smoking on set to pass the time. The Skyfall lodge has been built in a field with some pretty dry grass, though. It wouldn't take much for one of his butts to catch alight. They've had a word with him and he keeps well away now when on a smoke break."

Thanks to `rt183` for the alert.

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