Disguised Turkish teenager sneaks in to 'Skyfall' filming

Skyfall - 19-03-12
A plucky 17 year-old high-school student in Turkey's southern province of Adana managed to get close to some James Bond action today.

İbrahim Özden and two friends snagged a helmet and some spare railway worker clothing and crept up on the stunt rehearsals for a fight scene in "Skyfall" that will take place atop a train carriage. They dodged security by sneaking through alleys and climbing over a wire fence into the train station, and then they crawled under train cars and reached the repair depot.

The teenagers got in to a passenger car and saw the stuntmen rehearsing the fight. Özden started recording the scene with his cell phone but was noticed by security personnel once he got out the car to get a closer look at the actors. (Photos - Video)

"The security personnel searched me once I was caught," Özden told the Hurriyet Daily News. "But they could not find my cell phone because I hid it in my underwear. They made us take off the work overalls and sent us off. It was an unforgettable adventure for me."

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