Disguised Turkish teenager sneaks in to 'Skyfall' filming

Skyfall - 19-03-12
A plucky 17 year-old high-school student in Turkey's southern province of Adana managed to get close to some James Bond action today.

İbrahim ÷zden and two friends snagged a helmet and some spare railway worker clothing and crept up on the stunt rehearsals for a fight scene in "Skyfall" that will take place atop a train carriage. They dodged security by sneaking through alleys and climbing over a wire fence into the train station, and then they crawled under train cars and reached the repair depot.

The teenagers got in to a passenger car and saw the stuntmen rehearsing the fight. ÷zden started recording the scene with his cell phone but was noticed by security personnel once he got out the car to get a closer look at the actors. (Photos - Video)

"The security personnel searched me once I was caught," ÷zden told the Hurriyet Daily News. "But they could not find my cell phone because I hid it in my underwear. They made us take off the work overalls and sent us off. It was an unforgettable adventure for me."

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