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Javier Bardem on fame and family

23-Mar-2012 • Actor News

There is another side to the man playing the latest James Bond villain in the forthcoming "Skyfall".

'There is no good side to celebrity," Javier Bardem tells The Independent.

As one part of the celebrity couple (married, as he is to Penélope Cruz), Javier Bardem explains that sometimes fame gets in the way of doing a good job: ""It brings some other pressure and expectation that maybe the movie doesn't deserve," he says. "It can help in some ways, but not in others. I guess these ideas belong to people's perceptions from the outside. But we're used to that. There are perceptions from the outside and then there is us. The real us."

"The older I get, the more you realise that my mother was always right."

"I was born watching James Bond movies and there are many reasons to do this – the cast, the script, the story, the role and, of course, [director] Sam Mendes," he says.

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