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Rosamund Pike reflects on 'Die Another Day'

30-Mar-2012 • Bond News

In an interview to promote her new film 'Wrath of the Titans', which opened this weekend in the UK, British actress Rosamund Pike told the Daily Mirror about her time on the 2002 James Bond film "Die Another Day".

She admits she wasn’t prepared for the level of scrutiny that came with the Bond Girl role.

“I had no experience of that,” she says. “I was actually just a nervous little 21-year-old when I made that film, but I didn’t show that side of myself because I thought it would not be good for the Bond fans to see the person who had just been a student. So, I always felt I had to dress up.”

“I think being accepted as a good actress is all I ever wanted. That’s the only stigma that comes with a Bond film – that people are quick to assume you were hired just for your looks. That kind of thing really annoys me because actually [director] Lee Tamahori hired me for something else.”

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