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Tabloids conflicted over Daniel Craig filming at Buckingham Palace

01-Apr-2012 • Skyfall

Two different stories based on what may be the same facts have appeared in the tabloid press this weekend. At the root of both reports, it is stated that Daniel Craig filmed some scenes at Buckingham Palace back in February.

The Daily Express claims that the filming took place "in the grounds of Buckingham Palace for a meeting with the monarch – or at least actor Daniel Craig was there to film scenes for the next 007 movie, Skyfall. The Queen was portrayed by a look-a-like. An insider said: 'It really was quite incredible. A helicopter was circling overhead and the quadrangle was full of trailers and equipment. While the royals are often filmed at Buckingham Palace, it’s unprecedented for scenes from a film to be shot inside. ' Filming took place around Buckingham Palace and in Horse Guards Parade in February."

Meanwhile, The Sun has a slightly different take on events, claiming instead that the filming was done for a special film to be used at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games this summer.

The paper reported today, "James Bond star Daniel Craig is to open the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony after a personal invitation from The Queen. She asked him into Buckingham Palace to film spectacular scenes as 007 for London's sporting extravaganza. In the film, he arrives by Royal Appointment to be told his latest mission is to launch the Games. Her Majesty may even make a cameo appearance but the Palace is keeping details a secret."

"A billion people watching on TV around the world will see Bond getting his instructions before he is taken by helicopter to parachute into the Olympic stadium in Stratford, East London. Daniel, 44, and a film crew headed by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle were given unprecedented access to The Queen's private rooms on Tuesday. They also shot helicopter and parachuting scenes. Danny, creative director of the opening ceremony, has chosen to make MI6 agent Bond a key part of the spectacle which will kick-start the Olympics. The Queen, who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, had to personally sanction the move — which will give a glimpse inside the famous landmark."

A source told the red top: "It's a huge coup for BBC producers and Danny to be allowed into the Palace and have the Queen involved. They wanted the most iconic British film character inside the building most associated with London and with the monarch — and they got it. It will be a magical scene for all watching at home and inside the stadium on July 27. Working out the logistics of filming has taken months and hasn't been easy — but it will be worth it in the end."

Thanks to `Volante` for the alert.

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