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New Mya interview online - with photos, screenshots and a sample of her EoN title song

08-Dec-2003 • Gaming

IGN have published an interview with Mya, who plays NSA Agent Starling in "Everything or Nothing".

She talks about how she was approached to star in the game, as well as sing the three different versions of the title theme song, and her involvement with the project.

Click here to view the pictures MI6 released of Mya in the studio performing her voice-overs back in October.

"EA approached me," Mya says matter-of-factly in her smooth demeanor when asked how she came to be involved in EA`s Bond franchise in the IGN article. "They told me a little bit about the video game and how the process would work, first starting off with voiceovers and second would be the cyber scan. As well as the recording process. And that`s exactly how it happened. They told me about James Bond and just that affiliation alone really enticed me and interested me. So I said `Of course.` I sort of found out everything that would be happening within the video game when I got to the recording studio. I got to scream from the bottom of my lungs and I got to kick and fight and all kinds of things that I didn`t know I`d be doing when I walked into the session. So it was really interesting and a different project for me in that aspect."

Click here to read the interview at IGN, and view shots of her in the game and in the studio.

Click here to download a sample of her techno version of the "Everything or Nothing" theme song (40 seconds, 7mb).

Thanks to 00Kevin for the alert.

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