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Variety publishes 50 Years of James Bond special feature

11-May-2012 • Media Alert

Trade paper Variety published a special section to celebrate 50 Years of James Bond in Friday's edition. The collection of short articles includes:

- Broccoli, Wilson remain 007's brains
- Stars reveal directors' secret imprint on 007
- The real-life spy who loved him
- Jane Bond? Scribe's-eye view of 007 pic birth
- Barry's sexy themes gave 007 swing
- Bonds, baddies and babes
- Bond helped rescue MGM
- Box set brings Bond series to Blu-ray
- 'Skyfall' promises human hero
- Carmakers race to Bond franchise
- Bond's most dangerous nemesis: Himself
- Eye-candy locales develop an edge
- 50 Years of James Bond: The posters

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