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Upcoming 007 themed Heineken television commercial seen online

05-Jul-2012 • Skyfall

An online survey has apparently screen the new James Bond-themed Heineken television commercial to a few lucky survey responders.

As MI6 reported back in April, the hotly anticipated and highly debated Heineken/007 tie in advertisement was shot at Shepperton Studios and that, contrary to press speculation, the ad was not helmed by Sam Mendes ("Skyfall" director). Rather, the project was in the capable hands of Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., director of the 2011 film, "The Thing". Matthijs is the son of a successful Dutch producer and has enjoyed a successful career directing commercials for among other big brands, Peugeot, Delta Lloyd, Orange and Heineken.

Twitter user @Colasante posted this description of what they saw:

It starts with Daniel Craig walking along a train station, being followed by some men, with the classic Bond music playing in the background. He bumps into an average looking man, who happens to be wearing the same outfit as him. Bond disappears and the men following him start running toward the man, thinking he's Bond. The man jumps on a nearby train to elude them.

The rest of the commercial is him going through a couple different cars on the train, with weird things happening in each car. At one point he passes a room in which Dr. No is being offered a Heineken- the waiter asks "Dr?" and he says "No," then grabs the Heineken off the tray. One of the cars was covered in ice and the main guy slid through it- I thought this might have been a reference to Die Another Day, and another of the cars featured some classic looking Russians trying to build a house of cards, and this might have been a reference to GoldenEye.

At the end of the commercial the main character runs into Bond and an attractive woman at a bar. Bond offers the main guy a Heineken then disappears, and the woman nudges a briefcase toward the main guy as the villains burst into the room. The next shot is of Bond parachuting off of the train.

Nothing seemingly overly connected to Skyfall that I could tell. The attractive woman might have been part of the cast, but I didn't recognize her. Overall a fun piece of marketing and better than I thought Heineken was going to do when they invested in Bond.

Thanks to @Colasante and @skyfall007fan for the alert.

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