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William Friedkin 'would love to direct a James Bond film'

17-Jul-2012 • Bond News

Director William Friedkin has revealed that he would like to helm a James Bond film. He claims he was offered a Bond film several decades ago by producer Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, but declined because he was told that he would only be directing the "acting moments" rather than the action scenes.

Speaking to Digital Spy in a video interview about his new movie "Killer Joe", Friedkin explained that he was much more interested in directing the action scenes, which are generally left to second unit directors, and confirmed that he would still love to direct a Bond film.

"I wouldn't have [had to] worry about the action, they have three or four crews that go out and do that - I'd just have to direct the acting scenes," Friedkin quotes Broccoli as telling him.

"And I thought, 'Geez, I'd rather do the action!' I would want to direct that part of a Bond film, not where he hangs out at a bar and says to the beautiful young woman, 'Would you like a Martini? And I'll have one shaken not stirred'. Who needs to direct that? I feel bad about it, because I would have loved to have done a Bond film, I'm a big fan of them."

Asked whether he would consider directing a Bond film now, Friedkin agreed that he would, but again with the proviso of directing the action scenes himself. He said: "I'd be up for doing the second unit, shooting the action - I'd love it!"

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