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Leaks reveal James Bond's involvement in Olympic opening ceremony

22-Jul-2012 • Bond News

The rumours continue that Daniel Craig will appear in character as James Bond during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games this week. Now that the kick-off event is just a few days away, some of the finer details are making their way to the gossip columns.

In an entry for The Daily Beast, Royal reporter Tom Skyes has given a run down on what the world can expect to see when they tune in on Friday.

...a short film will begin, which will be shown on giant screens at the Olympic stadium and on TV at the same time. It features everybody’s favourite special agent, James Bond aka Daniel Craig, arriving with a crunch of gravel at Buckingham Palace. He makes his way inside, and the next clip is THE QUEEN HERSELF tapping Mr Craig on the shoulders and uttering the immortal words, “Arise Sir James”. This is the first time the Queen has ever engaged in a fictional scenario on camera.

Sir James is then given a special mission, to open the London 2012 games. He heads outside and jumps into a waiting chopper, emblazoned with a Union Jack. This then speeds up the Thames, flying underneath Tower Bridge (the footage was filmed in sunny June).

Back at the stadium, the air is filled with the sound of whirling helicopter blades, as the very same chopper now magically appears above the stadium in real time, assuming it is not shot down by the surface to air missiles located on a nearby London tower block. A hatch opens. A rope drops.


Thanks to `Germanlady` for the alert.

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