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New 'Skyfall' trailer passed by BBFC, release may be next week

23-Jul-2012 • Skyfall

The British Board of Film Classification have today confirmed that a new trailer for the upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall" has been passed with no cuts. This now enables Sony Pictures Releasing to attach the trailer to any movie with a PG certificate or higher in the UK.

This trailer is expected to be identical in content to the special IMAX "Skyfall" trailer that is being presented before screenings of "The Dark Knight Rises" in select IMAX theatres.

MI6 understands that this trailer will be released wide on or around August 3rd 2012 when it will be attached to Sony Picture's new release "Total Recall". A simultaneous release on the internet is expected on the same day.

Title: SKYFALL FilmTrailer
Running time: 2m 28s
Director: Sam Mendes
Main Language: English
Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing
Classified: 23/07/2012
Measured footage: 222+0 (feet + frames)
BBFC Reference: FTxxx289704
This work was passed with no cuts made.

Thanks to `marketto007 ` for the alert.

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