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The science behind Bond's signature gun

12-Aug-2012 • Bond News

RFID (Radio frequency identification) boffins over at RFID Journal have analysed the science behind James Bond's new gun, as seen in the trailer to "Skyfall".

The problem with fingerprint, palm print and other biometric approaches to preventing guns from being fired by those not authorized to do so is that it takes time to analyze biometric data. So while the weapon is attempting to figure out whether it is Bond or someone else holding the trigger, he'd likely be shot dead, which would be a real setback to the 23-movie franchise—not to mention Q's reputation.

However, there is a company called TriggerSmart, based in Limerick, Ireland, that has embedded a tiny high-frequency (HF) RFID reader module in the handle of a pistol.

Bond movies have gotten RFID technology wrong before, of course. In Casino Royale, Bond was supposedly tracked from long distances via a subdermal RFID transponder, despite the fact that there is no way a short-range passive RFID transponder would function as a real-time location device.

Read the complete article over at RFID Journal

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