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Producer says Daniel Craig's tenure may end when it peaks

13-Aug-2012 • Bond News

It wasn't long ago that the James Bond producers were publicly saying how great it would be if Daniel Craig would break records and make the most 007 movies of any actor, and some years since the trade press reported that he had extended his contract to play James Bond for improved terms on his original (and traditional) "three films and an option for a fourth".

Now, producer Michael G. Wilson has told a culture industry seminar held during the London Olympic Games that Daniel Craig's tenure in the role may end when they deem it to have peaked.

Wilson said he would have no qualms about replacing the franchise’s latest star should "Skyfall" prove to be the rugged actor’s peak. He added, "Pierce [Brosnan] was well-liked and the grosses were going up. But we knew we had to change things before they started to taper off. Bond is the star. He is bigger than any actor that portrays him."

Sir Roger Moore admitted after his seven-film tenure as 007 that he made one film too many.

But what most media covering this tidbit have failed to note is that the producer's decision to shift gears after 2002 was as much to do with the changing cinema landscape for action movies ("Bourne"), the 'creative cul-de-sac' they found themselves in after "Die Another Day", and their acquisition of the rights to adapt Ian Fleming's 'Casino Royale' novel.

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